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How does a new trail get built?

October 7, 2016


A little bedtime reading material written by our friends at the Revelstoke Cycling Association that explains the steps it takes to develop new trails in BC.


STEP 1 – Trail concept is developed: i.e. infill to complete a loop, major new trail or alpine trail. club agrees that the concept is consistent with the trail strategy and is likely to get funding.
(trail strategy to be developed)
STEP 2 – Talk with other land users such as forestry companies and any local residents to ensure the trail concept is supported.
STEP 3 - Rough location determined using Google Earth and maps.
STEP 4 – Trail routing is determined by foot using GPS and clinometer (slop angle measuring tool) so as to ensure reasonable grades and good drainage for a sustainable trail. The trail will be walked multiple times and marked with flagging tape.
STEP 5 – Apply for Section 57 under the Forest and Range Practices Act to build a trail on Crown land.
STEP 6 – Once Section 57 approval is received, seek funding from national, provincial or municipal agencies.
STEP 7 – Once funding is in hand, prepare trail specification for forest corridor clearing, width and roughness of trail surface, drainage and any trail structures such as bridges. Corridor clearing is often done at no cost by local Forestry Wildfire crew.
STEP 8 – Bid out the trail building contract. Select contractor and manage trail construction. Typical construction is by small excavator with hand tool finishing. An MMBA volunteer would manage this contract.
STEP 9 – Ride!
…and maintain the trail.
A 200 m link trail can be planned and complete in a season while a major 7 km trail can take years to develop, find funding and build

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