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Riding Areas

We have four distinct riding areas. The main trail areas are: Visitor Center (Too much info and Iron Mountain) Swakum (North end of town above the Bench in Merritt), Coutlee Plateau - (also known as the Midday Valley road trails and home of the Cow Trail Classic race), and Lundbom Lakes (also known as Sugarloaf) area.

The Swakum trails (including the Tom Lacey Trail)

Easily accessed from town, shuttle from the parking area (just below the flagpole), to the intersection of Grimmet Street and Ponderosa Way. Alternately, start here for moderately difficult climbing, rewarded by spectacular views of the city and the valley. Southern exposure makes these trails rideable virtually year round.
Access the flagpole lookout parking lot by heading North on Nicola Ave to Juniper Drive. Turn right, then left on the dirt road just before the Pineridge Cemetary. Follow the switchbacks to the parking lot.
Alternately, take Voght Street to Grimmett Street (just West of the Nicola Valley Health Centre). Follow Grimmett to the intersection of Grimmet and Ponderosa Way. Park out of the way on the dirt road

Coutlee (Cow Trail Classic XC Race Loop)

The cow trail loop is open and better then ever. The loop is just under 17km's and will take the average rider 2 hours to complete. The loop consists of riding up Pond scum to Inside Passge to Ed's way down Rock and Roll to Ziggy, down JP Cool and climb out on Sanchez and last trail back is Cross Cut. A lot of work went into refurbishing this trail network for the 2016 Cow Trail Race and it shows. Ride it and we promise it will instantly become a favorite. Follow Midday Valley road for parking

This is also how you access the trail Burn and Windy Canyon for a steep descent in the top half and a flowy ride through the canyon in the bottom half.


Too Much Info/Lower Godey

This is the crown jewel trail and a must-ride. TMI rivals any of the top climbing trails in BC with many rewarding options for your descent.

Godey Creek makes for a very good Technical descent lots of bridges and rocks.

Ridge is a faster and more steep trail with lots of small kickers and rock faces.

Lundbom Lake Area

Classic cross-country singletrack on the Lundbom Commonage. Rolling grasslands past some old growth interior Douglas Fir. Black bears, hawks, deer and other wildlife are on offer. It is also active rangeland so expect to see cattle. Lundbom also offers camping and some lakes for fishing for a full weekend getaway 

Iron Mountain

Two systems share this location. TMI leads intermediate/beginner riders up to Lonesome Pine. From there, choose the rocky and technical descent down Godey trail, or the flowy, (with some gnar) Ridge Trail. For an easier but fast and fun ride, try Ursa Major or Deer Hunter.
Iron Mountain boasts expert/pro downhill trails.

If you have any questions about our trail networks please email:  


Entrance to JP Cool